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Amazon Yacht Tour


Truly Extraordinary Cruises

(1) Expeditions, True We explore deep into a UNESCO World Heritage site – the only boat! Our guests have experiences that few people ever will… in their entire lives.
(2) Our Guides: Our guides are skilled naturalists who have been with us for many years observing the bizarre and beautiful creatures of the wild wilderness. (3) Small Groups: Our groups are small, usually just eight people per guide. Small groups are the only way to truly observe nature. (4) Excursions, Active and Authentic: We have many excursions every day: by launch, kayak, walks in the rainforest, fishing for piranhas, swimming, or just strolling through small, remote, and unspoiled villages. (5) Comfortable, Elegant: On the M/Y Tucano travelers enjoy wonderful cuisine and stylish comfort as we explore far into the wild rainforest. (6) Sustainable: The M/Y Tucano is the only vessel with solar powered refrigeration, electric motors, solar heated showers, and solar ice makers. We try to preserve the place that thrills and inspires us… and our guests.

Comfortable and Private Staterooms

A Generous Salon, Large Observation Deck, the top deck is a wonderful place to spot wildlife or soak in the vastness of the Amazon. There is space to catch some sun and watch the Macaw parrots screeching across the afternoon sky.
On the M/Y Tucano we serve a great variety of delicious Brasilian dishes. There are fresh vegetables and fruits along with Amazon fruit juices. We are always treated to a wonderful dessert!

Promenade Balcony


This broad balcony faces forward and is a serene spot to relax as the vessel navigates along the deeply forested shore. It can be a good place to observe monkeys jumping from one vine to another and pink dolphins leaping into the air. From this large space, at the front of the vessel and filled with windows, we are treated to fantastic vistas of the wilderness around us.

All of the staterooms on M/Y Tucano are outside staterooms and have lots of windows. All are air-conditioned and have full private bathrooms. Some staterooms can accommodate three persons. While some stateroom categories are smaller than others, they are still bright, airy, and comfortable. Since the corridors on the M/Y Tucano are on the inside instead of running around the outside of the vessel, the staterooms offer privacy and we can leave our curtains open to the awe inspiring views of the Amazon.

What is the best way to fully experience the beauties of this extraordinary place? Is it fine dining, luxury accommodations, or is it something else? For both our staff and our travelers, what matters most is having the most thoughtful and authentic experience as possible. Every aspect of our cruises is designed to help us to truly, thoughtfully, and actively, explore this natural paradise.



The Amazon Odyssey

Day 1: Afternoon depart and voyage north on the Rio Negro.
Day 2: Excursions into the rainforest during the day and at night.
Day 3: Excursions in the rainforest during the day, at night travel downstream toward the Amazon River.
Day 4: After our morning excursions, this afternoon we cruise To the Amazon River and the meeting of the world’s two greatest rivers, the Encontra das Aguas. This evening we voyage upstream past the Port of Manaus.
Day 5: Early morning disembark.